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Note from Rich Zuchoski (Lead Vocals): The band broke up after I had gotten busted for weed, I would suspect at the request of Danny since he was straight. I guess you don't want that stigma hanging over a rock band...... LOL!!!! As far as the egos, everybody in Zephyr was a prodigity. We took what other bands were doing and moved the notch up 3 more steps. Danny (guitars) for example could play Eruption note for note. Van Halen 1 had only been out a few months. To this day I have never seen ANYBODY play that song the way Danny did. Barry (drums and percussion) could play anything on any instrument, drums, chimes, xylaphone etc. He always wore a train engineers hat and would tip his hat with the sticks as he was playing, never missing a beat. Vince could lay down a fantastic bass line, he had some kind of bass with active electronics that had probably 15 switches on it, can't remember the make of it though. It may have been an M V Pedulla. And finally me, I always considered myself the next Robert Plant. I had no problem with the Zep tunes and would sing even higher. Vince and I would do the Yes harmonies that would make Chris Squire proud. What I meant about the egos was that when there is that much tallent in one place people are bound to start banging heads.