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Note from BERNIE KUGEL (guitarist/singer): THE GOOD was a band I led from roughly 1975 to 1982. It was very much in a kind of early Modern Lovers Velvet Underground type of bag with original songs I wrote like:
- "(Being In Love With You Is Like Getting) MAIL ON SUNDAYS"
all of which were recorded one afternoon in BCMK studios here in Buffalo with me on guitar and vocals, Vincent bass and Vocals and Larry Galonowitz on drums. It never came out but Vincent expressed interest in putting one of those or another tune we did (So far away in Rochester) in Buffalo 66 but it didn't come to pass, but I am hopeful that he may want one of these for a future film project. The Good did put out a 45 WALK AROUND THE WORLD, got reviewed in NME in England and that record lately is
going for $50 or more in collectors circles...Vincent was and is a great guy, great musician and A great fan of great rock and roll and cool movies like Mickey One. Everyone who knew him back in the old days still digs him and its great that he keeps in contact with all of us. We still talk all the time and we had lunch together when schedules permitted when in NYC. I hope that some of this stuff we did comes out. - Bernie Kugel (Excerpt from a message to me on 10.30.00)

Note from GARY HOROWITZ (keyboardist): To whom it may concern, I was just talking to Bernie Kugel on the phone and he informed me about this website which has a small feature on The Good. In actual fact The Good produced two 45 rpm records (which I had played keyboards on) and had a cut included on a BCMK compilation album during those Buffalo years. Unfortuately, Vince Gallo was not featured on any of these recordings, butI thought you might want to know. The first was the single "Walk Around The World" coupled with "Clouds" as the the 'B' side. The second record was a 45 rpm EP called "4x2" which featured two songs by Bernie Kugel and The Good called "Judy" and "I Asked My Friends" on one side. The other side of the record had two songs by Mike Brydalski who played drums with The Good briefly before Bernie had the lineup heard on the the BCMK recordings. Incidentally, Mike had either co-engineered or co-produced at a few of those sessions. The song "Message From My Heart" included on the BCMK artist compilation called "Airwaves", featured a different lineup than the group heard on "Walk Around The World" and "4x2". Sincerely, Gary Horowitz (From a message to me on 11.05.00)THANKS GO OUT TO BOTH OF THESE KIND GENTLEMEN FOR DROPPING A LINE AND OFFERING THE FACTS! ~ SMAK, VG-Drowning In Brown webmaster.