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10.05.01 - GREAT new releases to look forward to. There will be a single EP/CD for "So Sad" off of
the new Lp "WHEN" coming out soon and a 7" vinyl of "Honey Bunny" along with a DVD single of
"Honey Bunny" with the video.

10.04.01 - A *MAJOR* news item on the official Vincent Gallo site regarding a forthcoming WARP
Records release in Spring 2002: "(THE WAY IT IS) in its complete form will be re-released on vinyl and
compact disc as part of a compilation of music Vincent Gallo has written, performed, and produced for
motion pictures. Other soundtrack recordings included on the compilation will be his original music for
his film Buffalo 66, his original music for his short film "If You Feel Froggy Jump," and three tracks
recorded for the film "Downtown 81." The compilation will be released by Warp Records Ltd. in the spring
of 2002." This is fantastic news since the music for "If You Feel Froggy Jump" has (to my knowledge)
never been issued beyond the title track on the BOHACK record "It Took Several Wives." THANKS
VINCENT! You can see several cool PHOTOS (some unpublished!) in the updates to Gallo's OFFICIAL
website (under construction and changing daily). Check it out!

10.02.01 - You can checkout Vincent Gallo's brand spankin' new video for "Honey Bunny" here. To download to your drive in a specific directory - just right-click and select "save."

10.02.01 - A decent review of Vincent Gallo's "WHEN" LP offered up by the website.
(thanks Patrizia!). A video for the song "Honey Bunny" has been shot and this appears to be the first
single from the new album. Keep an eye on for some great downloads and
features promoting the new release.

09.14.01 - Yet another great review of Vincent Gallo's new record "WHEN." Thanks to Patrizia of the vincentgallo yahoogroups list for the heads-up!

09.14.01 - A great detailed review of Vincent Gallo's new record "WHEN" from Philip Raffaele over at Thanks to Philip for the props to my site as well!

09.14.01 - I have been consumed with the tragedy in NY, D.C. and Pennsylvania as I am certain all of
you are as well. A very sad and desolate time. I truly hope the solidarity and strong unity being witnessed
worldwide is indicative of a stronger sense of peace on the horizon once we weather this storm and make
a determined effort to eradicate the evil that breeds these cowardly acts of terror. My sincerest
condolences to all those affected by this tragedy. I hope you all know that your loss is our nation's loss.
09.14.01 - Updates appear in the WORDS area with a brief article that Gallo submitted to the Observer
in NY last year regarding the King Crimson Lp "Construkction." (Thanks Paul!)
09.11.01 - Great article here about "WHEN" from the Japanese entertainment website "Metropolis"  - 
nice interview on the music and recording with Gallo himself. Added lyrics to the discography area for
"WHEN." Gallo is in the latest issue of MIXER magazine where he's interviewed by Perry Farrell (of
Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros, and his own solo projects) . . . interestingly, Gallo mentions touring
in live street performances to support "WHEN." no dates or locales were mentioned. The new record
drops in some countries tomorrow (not the USA, I saw an Oct. 2 date for the US). There's also a brief
clip here of that Hazlewood song that Gallo plans to cover in a duet with PJ Harvey.
08.02.01 - Lots of updates to this site and some new looks for old pages. The site just turned a year
old last month and I recently moved into a new home, so in all the excitement the site update has
become long-overdue. Please excuse any difficulty browsing the site and any downtime while it was
being switched to the new domain. You will notice a new area for "UPDATES"  where you can join a
mailing list purely for receving word of updates to this site. This way you can be be among the first  to
know when there's something new here. There's no need to be concerned about the list and receiving
unwanted mail. It will be spam-proof and the only messages you will ever receive are from me (the
moderator) to notify of site updates. The biggest change is in the two versions of the site. If your browser
is FLASH-ready you will be directed to the new FLASH site. If not, you will still see some differences,
but not much. Here's the latest Gallo music news:
filmmaker VINCENT GALLO has confirmed details of his debut album for WARP RECORDS, titled
'WHEN'. The record should be released on September 24 in Europe, and is completely written and
produced by Gallo. In addition, every instrument on the record has been played by Gallo, and he also
provides vocals on the record. Vincent Gallo is perhaps best known in the UK for directing and starring
in the film 'Buffalo 66'.

The tracklisting for the record runs:
· 'I Wrote This For The Girl Paris Hilton'
· 'When'
· 'My Beautiful White Dog'
· 'Was'
· 'Honey Bunny'
· 'Laura'
· 'Cracks'
· 'Apple Girl'
· 'Yes I'm Lonely'
· A Picture Of Her'

[NOTE: I have had the privilege of hearing the album thanks to thekind folks at WARP Records (props
Ned!). I must say it's full of beautiful sounds. The album's 10 tracks are a tour of Gallo's unique vocal
and lyrical arrangements. I was pleased to find that the song he played for the crowd at last
November's Petra Haden show in Hollywood is included. My guess at the title ("So Nice") was way off
... the song is actually titled "Yes, I'm Lonely." Those expecting to hear more of what "Buffalo 66"
delivered will likely be pleased, while those seeking something new and interesting will also not be
left out as this record is written, performed and produced by Vincent Gallo. A truly incredible recording
showcasing Gallo's talent not only on guitar, but with an array of instruments. "When" was recorded
during the latter part of 2000 and early 2001 at the University For the Development and Theory of
Magnetic Tape Recorded Music Studios (aka his home studio) ... uh, 'nuff said?  Buy this album, break
out the headphones and be good to your ears. The cover art can be seen in the Discography update.
~ smak
DUET WITH PJ HARVEY? - There was a recent interview with Gallo in which he stated that he has
grown fond of PJ Harvey's music and has become great friends with her in the course of taking in a few
concerts and dinners with the singer. The two (according to Gallo) plan to duet on an upcoming Lee
Hazlewood tribute album. They will perform "Come on Home to Me," a song that Gallo confesses to
pretty much summing up his breakup with his last girlfriend: "It's about pretending you don't have feelings
for somebody anymore," he said. "It's one of the greatest songs of all time." You can hear a brief clip of
the original by Lee Hazlewood here.
BAND SECTION UPDATE - A very kind former Buffalo, NY 'scenester' (Craig Davison) was generous
enough to share his very rare soundboard recording of a one-time performance by MORE in Buffalo, NY.
He also provided insight into the group's lineup taking them off the list of Bands We Need To Know More
About ... thanks Craig!  Details about the group and the one and only performance appear in the BAND
OFFICIAL SITE IN DEVELOPMENT- Watch for the new official site
(coming soon !!!).
04.30.01 - Vincent Gallo commented to a Mr. Showbiz reporter on how he's planning
to cross the picket lines of the upcoming SAG strike and o a music-related note why he's
also taken a break from directing lately:
"So why isn't Gallo filling out his director's resume? He says he wants to focus on music
instead (he used to play in a band with the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, of all people),
partly, no doubt, because "No other human being [is] involved in the process." 
Still no word on the release date of his WARP Records debut solo CD release. You can view
the entire story on the Mr. Showbiz site here.                    
04.29.01 - Just to update a couple new cameo appearances by Gallo in the music world.
Gallo directed a video for Japanese rock band L'Arc de Ciel and the video for the song
"Animone" appears on their latest DVD release. Another band named My Vitriol landed Gallo's
acting talents in their music video for their single "Grounded." In the video Gallo is seen
repeatedly reliving the same inescapible experience over and over (similar to the plot of an
old Bill Murray comedy "Groundhog Day" or a classic "Twilight Zone" episode). My Vitriol's
"Grounded" video appears in their forthcoming May 7 DVD release. The song as well as their
latest record are both available on Napster.
03.22.01 - According to my good friend CAS in Paris, the "Downtown 81" film features two
Vincent Gallo songs credited to him in the end credits...the songs are: "BROWN 69" and "16
Seconds." These tracks unfortunately do NOT appear on the official soundtrack. Both the
film and soundtrack came out in Europe las week and the stunning news is the soundtrack
features not one, BUT 2! songs by GRAY (Gallo and Basquiat's band)...the songs are: "SO
FAR, SO REAL" & "DRUM MODE." My friend also said the film was GREAT...but contrary to
previous reports and rumors, Gallo was out of town during filming and does not appear in
03.14.01 - The Glenn O'Brien documentary film "Downtown 81" following Jean Michel
Basquiat through the ultra hip NYC scene of the early 1980s premieres today in France and
soon throughout Europe. It is slated to cross the ocean for the US soon as well. A
soundtrack is being issued by Virgin Records that contains one song titled "Drum Mode" by
Vincent Gallo and Basquiat's legendary group Gray (recorded live at the Mudd Club). Gallo
has also reportedly contributed a new solo track to this project. You can view several stills
from the film and read all about the soundtrack at the official site for "Downtown 81."
02.21.01 - Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has given several interviews
during his recent tour in support of his solo release on Warner Bros. records. He has
addressed his ongoing working relationship with Vincent Gallo a few times and as I come
across these interviews I will post them in the WORDS area of the site. The latest music
video for John Frusciante is directed by Vincent Gallo and is actually a 45 minute long short
film featuring all the music from Frusciante's latest solo album "To Record Only Water for 10
Days." It has been aired on M2 and a shorter music video length excerpt is airing on Much
Music for the debut single "Going Inside."
02.08.01 - More buzz on the forthcoming video(s) for Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist
John Frusciante. Turns out Gallo (when asked about the topic earlier this week at a
Hollywood nightclub) confirmed that his video for John Frusciante's debut solo single
"GOING INSIDE" (to premiere on VH-1 and/or M2 soon) is in the can. He also said that
his own solo recording is now finished and expects it to come out on WARP Records in a
few months. Gallo stated that he filmed the video for the second single as well, and he's
been tapped to direct any  further videos from Frusciante's latest solo effort "To Record
Only Water For Ten Days." Now for some depressing news, according to Vincent, BUNNY
(as a band) is no more. A record wascompleted in 1999, but the musical partnership of
Gallo and actor Lukas Haas as "BUNNY" no longer exists. Finally, John Frusciante has
confirmed to a friend of mine (while in Holland on his recent mini solo promotional tour)
that he indeed recorded songs for the forthcoming Gallo film soundtrack . . . no further
details were given. 

01.21.01 - Happy belated New Year to everyone! The latest project
from Vincent Gallo will be a music video for the song "Going Inside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers'
guitarist John Frusciante. According to the official RHCP website - Gallo is expected to
produce and direct the project. A musical collaboration between these two artists has long
been rumored. Frusciante was approached to compose music for Vincent's upcoming feature
film project "Bunny." You can hear a sample of this first single titled "Going Inside" here.
vincent gallo : MUSIC NEWS

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